Sunset Beach Wedding

A perfect place for your romantic ceremony & celebration.

PACKAGE A: Special Package for a couple including;
- A Bamboo Wedding Arch with flower decoration
- Bridal bouquet with seasonal flowers
- Flower decoration in the room
- Candle Light Dinner on the beach & 1 bottle of Wine
- Photos for 20 minute & 1 copy of CD

PACKAGE B: ( for 3 to 50 persons )
- Beautiful Floral Wedding Arch on the beach
- Bridal bouquet with seasonal flowers
- Banquet Chairs with chair covers and ribbons
- Flower decoration in the room

Thai Style Wedding

Package A :
Water Pouring Ceremony (Rod Nam Sang)

  • Thai Mongkol (Holy String blessed by a monk)
  • Thai Style Ceremony table sets
  • Holy blessed water from a monk & A conch shell
  • 2 bowls with flower / the talcom powder
  • Flower Decoration
  • Two traditional floral neck garlands

Package B :
- Water Pouring Ceremony (Rod Nam Sang)
- Groom's Procession (Hae Khan Mark)
** The groom present the dowry (Sin-sord) to the bride **

  • The long Thai drum band and Classical Thai style dancers (to lead the procession)
  • Khan Mark (consisting of traditional auspicious elements such as Bai Thong (gold leaves), Bat Ngeon (silver leaves), beans, sesame, paddy, food trays, and other lucky items to bless the groom and the bride a long and happy marriage
  • Gate Passing Ceremony
  • Engagement Ceremony

Ceremony Design & Setting Package

• Cocktail Reception (Optional)
• Ceremony Design ( by concept ) including Flower Arch / Party Decoration / Bouquet for the bride
• International / Sea Food B.B.Q. Buffet Dinner ( minimum 40 guests ) or Set Dinner by the beach
• Live music band